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Trailering your RL

Boat NameBoat Model Where do you keep your boat Weight of boat and trailer (kg)Number of axles on trailerTowing vehicleComment
Last ResortRL24Trailer118012001 Jeep Cherokee SportWorks well with decent ramp....
ParahandyRL24Trailerdo not know1Ford Transit Camper vanTrailer cannot be registered down here in VIC as it does not have any trailer brakes and the overhang is too much. This overhang is measured from the centre of the wheel hub to the transom!!!!!
Rings-n-things RL28Trailer33002100 series Land CruiserOur Landcruiser is a 4.2 litre diesel with a towing capacity of 3500 kg. It is slow through the hills but has never run out of power even when we crossed Tasmania to visit Straun . The fuel consumption is 22 ltrs. per 100kilometres when towing at 100kil./hour. In 2004 when the Trailer Sailer Association of S.A. went to Tasmania both S.A. and Victoria granted yachts an excemption on the overhang because we could not meet the towbar maximum weight requirement when the wheels were as far back as the original overhang specification required. Yachts were granted an extra metre of overhang.
INMARL24Trailer14001KorandoReplaced old tinka trailer with new trailer in 2004. I observe most old trailers are stuffed and unsafe. Boat trailers are good to 10 years of age, poor between 10 to 20 years of age and stuffed after 20 years of use. Poorly maintained trailers will be stuffed in a lot less time. 4 year old trailer lights were stuffed and I recently replaced all lights and wiring with LED brand lights which are excellent.
REBEL RL28Traileradvised under 20002dual cab 4 wheel drive diesel uteute has 2.5 tonne rated towing capacity
High SpiritsRL24Trailer1,360107 Holden Rodeo Crew cabRecently had the keel out of the boat (swing keel weighs 160/180kgs) and took some weight measurements.My Mark 3 RL24 Boat & trailer as above with all fittings (no motor)1360kg, trailer weighs in at 300kgs. Trailer is the one that came with the boat although I have changed the axle to a heavier one with 14" wheels with rims etc with a high load rating tyres. Has overide hydralic brakes and tows very well at legal road speeds. When towing be aware of the Gross Combination Weight of vehicle and towed trailer.
Cape RoseRL24Trailer1200kg estimatedSingle axle Roadmaster4.2 Diesel 1990 Maverick WagonEasy boat to tow even with a 6 cyl sedan. Maverick is very relaxed with it and returned 16.5 l/100km on a recent trip to Shark Bay. Trailer has a hinged drawbar which I have never used. The lightbar is high up on yacht rather than on the trailer itself. Galvanised rims and 13' light truck tyres.
apache11 RL28Trailer39002discovery td5 dieselmackay multi-link 2001 purpose built 4tonne trailer at 780 kgs tare, with landcruiser running gear, handles the extra weight with ease. With tender and motor,fuel,and supplies for 1 week for 1 person 3900 kgs. I add the water at the boat ramp up to 340 lts, and usually carry spare tyre and oddments in vehicle. PS. Boat is a cruiser, brillant!
Red Baron IIRL24Trailer1400106 Falcon XR6Still very happy with the original Tinka trailer. I have refurbished it several times over the last 20+ years. Replaced wheels, springs, rollers, wiring, lights, brake components (3x master cyclinders) and lots of cold-gal paint. I have always used a temporary light board on the stern - seems to make other drivers and myself less concerned about the overhang. The single axle makes turning a breeze, especially near ramps and backing into parking spots. Careful weight distribution is required for highway trips to minimise wobble above 90 km/h when wind gusts (natural or truck generated) are encountered(make sure the outboard is in the cabin and rudder blade on the v-bunk). When loaded correctly it tows beautifully. Heavy duty (light truck tyres) are best once you start adding more than the basic fitout inside to keep a nice margin under the tyre weight limit.
FlinkerRL24TrailerUnk? Standard USA RL2422005 Jeep Liberty USAI have towed a Catalina 22 for over a year until I bought the RL24. The Catalina was tough on the Jeep. I hardly even notice the RL24 behind my jeep because the tandem axles ride very smooth.
Charlie BrownRL24Trailerdunno - guessing 750 + 350 unloaded1Volvo XC 90Original trailer as per RL design. Had the tilt welded up and trailer became noticable more stable at higher highway speeds (>100km) I replaced the brakes, coupling and hubs out of caution and sleep much better as a result. I have a bracket on the trailer stem to put the outboard on. When the boat is empty (other than spars, sails etc) it is within 10kg of balance, the outboard and fuel in the bow gives about 50kg downforce on the tow bar which is perfect for stability. Add a lot of camping gear and I put the fuel and outboard in the cockpit for travel to keep the downforce under 10% of the total weight but more than 50kg. I would do the same trailer again if I had to replace it. its made from 100*50 section steel instead of the light stuff I see on many others and been well looked after (rinsed and regalvanised regularly) , hence how well it has held up over 30 years
mikelaRL24Trailer16302toyota hilux petrol 2.7Doesn`t tow as well as old single axle trailer but kept breaking wheel studs. Donot put trailer in water. sleep a lot happier now with 2nd axle
This'll DoRL24Trailer13001JackarooUsed to tow it with an Econovan (1.6 litre engine)for nearly twenty years. Now use a Holden Jackaroo. Must say it feels much safer now. Notice the difference in fuel consumption. The Econovan really was too light, not sure about the legality either.
Just for KixRL24TrailerdunnoOneSubaru Forester 2.5lHard to control if outboard and rudder on stern but otherwise ok. Uses light truck tyres and mechanical override brakes. Would like to use electric brakes but don;t think you can with boat trailers. Subaru tows and brakes it well and fuel consumption around 10-12 l/100km compared to 8-9 without trailer.
Sandpiper RL28 mooring28202Landcruiser 100 seriesI don't tow our boat all that often but I am planning on doing more towing next year. The boat and trailer combination seem to tow nicely enough but I can notice the weight behind the landcruiser. I don't have any fuel stats for you. What I do plan to do before towing long distance is to change the suspension on the trailer from a dual axle to a tri axle set up.
THe StingRL24Trailer13501Land Cruiser 3.9 turbo dieselTows very well on highway as long as the motor is inside or in the car and back lockers are empty of heavy items such as anchor & fuel. Over the last 20 years my trailer has stayed very stable each time we have blown or lost a tyre when on the highway at cruising speed. The trailer is built wide with the hull down as low as possible between the guards. The trailer is now 18 years old, the wheel bearings have only been replaced 3 times and I replaced all the brakes and hubs at 16 years. We never dunk the wheel bearings. With a well setup trailer you can tow all day with ease, we do.
Peer GyntRL24Trailer1050OnePetrol LandcruiserWell within the capabilities if the Cruiser. Running gear on trailer was replaced about 12 years ago - used Torana disk brakes with over-ride activating the hydrolics.
SashaRL24Trailer10601Subaru OutbackOutback tows well - even loaded with 3 crew and luggage. Fuel consumption climbs to nearly 20l/100 km (15 mpg)though - especially over Hotham.
INMA (update)RL24Trailer14001Korando 2.3 literJust back, went from Melb to Whitsundays and back. Cruised at 90-95km/h using about 13 liters per 100km.
Treasure IslandRL24Trailer1170kgs1 with "6.50x10" 40psi3 L v6 HyundaiWeighed at a public weighbridge in Pymble. I estimate that the yacht is 770kgs with 5hp o/b and equipment incl bunks, mast et al. We have a strict law in NSW that says the towing vechile must be more than the towed. I had a Cortina (4L 6cycl) at 1250kgs. Never was booked but looked at often by the constabulatry. Also towed with a Triumph 2500 (6cyl, 1350kgs)
Treeasure IslandRL24Trailer11701, 6.50x10" tyres 40psimanyNow have a 3L Hyundai, had Cortina 6cycl 4L, Trimuph 2500 6 cyc 2.5L,Ford falcon,4L. 99 M Benz 2.8L towed well. Trummpy worked had up Mona Vale hill. Cortina never knew the RL was being towed. Car eventually streached so the back doors opened at the locks! and Diff gave up All trips were with O/B in RL as well as much camping gear. RL never waived and still trails as thou on rails.Now use 13" 6.50 tyres. In ten years the 10"wheels never failed. Tyres now too expensive.Did regatts from S'port to Rhyll and incl.
Summer RainRL24Trailerunder 16001Mussio uteNew Belco Trailer took some setting up and they were very help full .. has ladder rack under keel and roller each side of bow to keep centered when on trailer
PromisesRL24Trailer11001Falcon WagonNo markings on 'breakback tilt' trailer when I got it unregistered. Towed on permit from NSW to QLD. Also had little weight on drawbar and lots of sway above 75km/h (scary as). I had 3 foot extension put on the drawbar and rolled the boat forward 6 inches (90kg on drawbar recomended). sway gone. Also had override discs fitted. Tows great now, I want to try my Tarago :-)
Windale RL28Trailer25802VW AmarokJust purchased the boat and got it weighed on the trailer, 2580kg. pretty heavy. Car handles it fine but the trailer is only designed for 2000kg so will need some work done on it down the track.
DixieRL24TrailerDo not knowOnePradoVery easy tow. Over the last 30 years we have towed it with falcon, landcruiser, and prado. Trailer needed reinforcement especially rear beam. Carry rudder & outboard inboard. Used to caravan it when younger - bit cramped now -have been mooring it for a month at time lately.
Pinnaroo RL28Trailerclose to 2700kg's ?twolandcruiser series 100 duel fuel 6cylvery easy to tow. Torsion bar suspension with Nissan Patrol wheels and hubs.Towed from Portland to Lakes Entrance at Christmas, around 22.5ltrs per hundred on gas.Outboard in well, rudder blade in cabin. Superfine boat.
Elanora RL28 marina pen30002Nissan Patrol
Second WindRL24Trailer13601WJ Jeep, or Motorhome Boat tows easily as it sits low on the trailer, which reduces wind drag. Cruises behind the Jeep at 70 mph in high gear. Crosswinds do not seem to be a problem. Tongue weight is exactly 10% of total weight. Cruises behind the motorhome at 80+
Sandpiper RL28Trailer30003Toyota Landcruiser 100 seriesI recently had a new trailer built for Sandpiper, and it was the best decision I have ever made since buying the boat about 14 years ago. The new trailer is all aluminium and stainless steel. The framework of the trailer is designed to carry 6 tonne. The axles, wheels, tyres and suspension is rated much less so that the boat will have a soft ride. It has a tri axle set up, with electric / hydraulic brake system to all 6 wheels using stainless steel disc brakes. The best part is the all up weight of the trailer is 600kg.
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