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RL24 outboard raising system - Alan Dahl

We have an outboard raising system fitted that allows the outboard (an 8 HP YAMAHA) to be raised to bring the Skeg level with the bottom of the hull when under sail. This works very well and is simple to operate.

The sliding system allows the motor to be positioned in 4 positions. We are working on a "Plug " for the cutout to seal the cutout as well as we can to avoid 90% of drag and wash in this area.

Like all modifications there has to be a compromise as the tiller will need to be modified to operate over the top of the motor cowl if the motor is raised to the maximum height.

When launching and retrieving at a shallow ramp you don't have to worry about the skeg being damaged. We find the system simple and only takes a few seconds to raise or lower.

The Adjustable Tiller to suit the Outboard Raising

Interesting is that the Outboard is actually raised approximately 300mm to clear the Hull and yet the height of the “Tiller” at “hand level” is raised only 150mm due to the angle of the adjustment, which when sailing, we hardly notice the difference.

The adjustment mechanism has been formed with aluminium box sections 3mm wall thickness. 6mm pins simply slip into adjustment holes.

When at anchor, the Tiller arm can easily be removed and stored leaving the cockpit area clear.