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Mast Raising System for an RL28 - Kingsley & Kay White

The attached fotos show the mast raising system we have on Rings-n-things and the fibre glass bow roller we made for our boat. The stainless steel frame lays on the deck when not in use and is used for both raising and lowering the mast. We use our electric anchor winch but rope blocks would be just as effective. Kay and I are in our 60's and we we easily raise and lower the mast on smooth water while under way on auto-pilot. This enables us to have Rings packed up and ready to go on the trailer as soon as we get back to the ramp.

We made up brackets that fit under the staunchions that the "A" frame pivots in. When we are lifting the mast the forestay is attached to the top of the "A" frame. We have an inner forestay which Kay keeps tensioned while I change the forestay over to a fitting on the deck. We use a large robust highfield lever to tension the rig.