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Some tips from Steve Leicester

I have made some changes to my RL 28 Lukim - Yu which have turned out really well and would like to share them with other RL owners. I wanted to get an easy to erect sun shade to cover the cockpit. I looked at many other yachts in our marina which had biminis fitted, most had the back stay go through the bimini. To me this seemed a bit of a nuisance. We had no intention of sailing with the cover in place, only to be used at anchor. With the rear stay going through the bimini it would cause a problem when folding and erecting. We got around this problem by moving the rear stay up onto a Targa arrangement fixed to the existing stainless steel pushpit. This Targa also supports the sola panel and mast when lowered. We have now used Lukim -Yu with the new set-up many times and love the bimini and shade it provides. Leaving the bimini up over night also prevents dew from forming in the cockpit (an unexpected bonus) providing a dry place to sit and have our morning coffee.

We have also fitted a new engine. With some minor work with a jigsaw we managed to fit a new 15HP Honda into the outboard well space. The new motor will push Lukim -Yu along at 6.5 knots (by our log) and cruise very quietly at 4 knots all day long. The major benefit is the extra thrust we now have in reverse. We used to experience problems reversing into out berth during strong winds. That is no longer the case. The motor was ordered with a 4 blade high thrust prop and works extremely well. With the cut out in the deck looking like it was cut out and touch ugly. I decided to make a padded seat come engine cover. This sits over the engine and looks great. And at anchor is the best seat in the house.

The last mod was to install a window in the head. This cheap ($235) modification has made a huge difference to our boat. More light and at times much needed ventilation.

If any one has any questions on the above I would be glad to answer them.

Steve Leicester