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Stainless Steel Bow Roller for an RL28 - Phil Gardam

Here are some photos of my new RL28 "bow counterweight" / battering ram (a.k.a. my new bow-roller for Jezabel).

I made it up from 5mm 316 stainless plate plus a commercial bow roller and it is a bit heavier than the light alloy fitting I had before. I don't think it will crack as the old one did. I like the idea of sleeping at anchor and knowing there is strength in the bow fittings.

It is a fraction "looser" fit to the bow, but it's secured through the decking with stainless bolts (recessed into the plate) and there is no movement in the fitting. It is also good to have the locking pin to retain the line in rough conditions.

The technique I used to determine the shape of the inside and fabricate the roller assembly was to use a plaster-of-paris plug. I placed glad-wrap inside the old roller and poured in plaster-of-paris. Removed the plug, and then built a new "roller assembly" around the plaster plug using masonite and hot-glue gun rather than steel. The masonite is easier to shape and change. Then, break apart the masonite, measure each piece of masonite and make it up in 316 stainless.

This worked well - even with my dodgy welding!