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  • Simon Walsh's 'Ohau Rua'
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    RL24 Rigging Plan: Details

    Sail dimensions: For Mark I and Mark II

    Sail dimensions: For Mark II(revised (10/82), Mark III and Mark IV

    Sampson Post and Centre Plate Raising: Details

    Trailer for RL24: Details

    Original Parts list for the RL24

    RL24 Drawings

    The RL 24 is available in two configurations.

    The RL24 MK IV

    For the ultimate racing the MK IV keel is extra efficient, and combined with the fully battened mainsail, gives top performance. It requires the keel to be half down to be self righting. The right boat for the racing oriented.

    The RL24 MK III The Swing Keel

    MK III is self righting and has sufficient built in buoyancy to ensure floating in all situations. Ideal for cruising and family fun whilst retaining good performance.